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More than money: A dedicated investment partner

At FDC, we specialise in empowering SMEs and property developers with the tailored investment solutions needed to realise their growth ambitions. Founded in 2016, and acquired by Mercia Asset Management in 2021, we have dedicated ourselves to not just funding businesses, but fostering true partnerships.

We understand that securing financing is only one piece of the business growth jigsaw. That’s why we offer more than money; we provide comprehensive support and knowledge that extends beyond just finance. Our dedicated team offer expert business advice with decades of banking and industry experience. We can grant you and your clients access to valuable networks and help steer their company towards achieving their goals though our long-term partnerships.

FDC offers a genuine alternative to traditional bank lending, with growing regional presences and investing across all UK regions.

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Your trusted partner for financing solutions

FDC is part of Mercia Debt, understanding the crucial roles that advisers and management teams play in securing financing solutions for businesses. For more information about funds managed by the Group, visit their website.

Long-term investment packages

With a holistic approach to every deal, typical companies have £10m-£30m turnover and £1m-£5m EBITDA and investment characteristics that demonstrate solid growth potential. Investment packages typically start from £1m with businesses needing to be locate within the UK.

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Responsible and supportive investor

FDC makes good deals; deals with integrity, deals that enable growth and seek positive outcomes for wider stakeholders. Every investment aligns with our responsible investor policy.

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Flexible long-term deals

With a holistic approach to every deal, our debt funding can work for most business models. No stringent lending criteria, just a deep understanding of your client's business.

Extensive Regional Networks

Recognised in the regional corporate finance community, our experienced team help SMEs navigate the funding process, from partnering with other lenders to finding management executives.

UK Debt funding

Regional growth

Investing in across the UK

Investment Range: Tailored debt finance between £1million and £7.5 million, but with capacity to co-invest alongside other funds and funders.

Geographical Focus: We have a range of available funds with differing geographical mandates. In general we invest across the UK including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. However, get in touch with your client’s business proposal and we can see if we can help.

Funding Inclusivity: Focusing on nurturing business diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), welcoming applications from all sectors, especially from underrepresented networks like female founders.

Have a deal to discuss?

Our investment team are on hand and happy to answer any questions. Feel free to get in touch to discuss any opportunities you have confidentially and see if FDC funds are the right fit for them.

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