SME Debt Funding

Whether you are a CEO of a SME looking to grow, a property developer looking for investment, a manufacturer needing project funding or an advisor to a mid-market business, most importantly, you will want to work with partners you can rely on. FDC has over 100+ years of banking, private equity, and industry experience, and therefore, is a partner you can trust. With plenty of SME Debt funding options to choose from, FDC has the knowledge to help businesses develop.


SME Debt Funding Up to £7.5 million per investment

FDC manages a range of funds. This includes a national debt fund with up to £7.5m available for mid-market SMEs across the UK.

SME businesses

Any sector, purpose or business model considered

Flexible SME debt investment is available to support businesses working in any sector, needing investment for any growth plans.

Hand Shake

Flexible SME Debt Funding, Unique loan structure

From growth capital to shareholder transactions, acquisitions to supporting project costs - each deal is uniquely structured and based on the long-term plans for your business.


Strong track-record

FDC currently manage funds in excess of £450m and with a portfolio of over 50 investee businesses. FDC is also a recognised alternative debt provider led by experienced and knowledgeable investment and portfolio professionals.

National funder with growing regional presences

Headquartered in Birmingham, with expanding regional presences, FDC has a team of knowledgeable investment professionals with a developed network they can call upon to support your opportunities.

Whilst some of our regional funds have some geographical limits, the FDC Debt Fund however, has no geographical boundaries.

Information Pack


For more information about FDC funds available download our pack, or get in touch and we’ll answer your questions.