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A committed and established debt funding partner

The FDC Story

FDC is an established alternative fund manager, with c.£0.5bn under management to support both SMEs and Property Developers with their growth plans.

With growing regional presences, we invest across all UK regions and sectors offering a genuine alternative to traditional bank lending.

Launched in 2016, funding is available to ambitious businesses inspired to drive growth and scale their plans. With a team of highly experienced professionals, we are a long-term partner that can make your business goals a reality.

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Responsible and Supportive Investor

FDC makes good deals; deals with integrity, deals that enable growth and seek positive outcomes for wider stakeholders. Every investment aligns with our responsible investor policy.

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Flexible long-term deals

With a holistic approach to every deal, our debt funding can work for any business model. No stringent lending criteria, just a deep understanding of your business.

Extensive Regional Networks

Recognised in the regional corporate finance community, our experienced team help you navigate the funding process, from partnering with other lenders to finding management executives.

A National Investor

FDC supports UK SMEs with the investment they need for their growth plans.

With businesses in almost all UK regions invested in, get in touch to discuss your business plans and aspirations.

Whilst some of our regional funds have some geographical limits, the FDC Debt Fund has no geographical boundaries.

Growing regional presences

Headquartered in the heart of the second city, FDC has expanding regional presences with offices in Manchester and Bristol.

FDC has a team of knowledgeable investment professionals with a developed network they can call upon to support your opportunities.

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