AMSCI - Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative

Regional Debt Fund Investment

Investment: min £0.5m

Investment deal Hands

Transaction: Project costs

Regional Fund Location

Location: England

Regional Fund Sector

Sector: Adv. Manufacturing

Are you a advanced manufacturing supply chain provider? Or a manufacturing SME innovator? The recycled AMSCI (Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative) is a fund for businesses seeking investment to increase their growth potential and support job creation.

Supporting the growth of the advanced manufacturing sector by providing loan investment to help address market failures and increase business capabilities and competitiveness.

What are the key features of the fund?

  • Investment from £500,000, linked to job deliverables.
  • Can be used for Capital Expenditure, R&D, Training and other project related costs.
  • Available to single SME applicants,  including suppliers and innovators.
  • Available England wide.
  • For any manufacturing sector, not just automotive, operating anywhere in the advanced manufacturing supply chain.

What is the eligibility criteria?

  • Eligible projects and deliverables must be located in England with outcomes to include the creation
    of new jobs and/or safeguard existing ones.
  • Must be able to demonstrate that a project would be significantly delayed or not feasible without
    the requested investment.
  • Has a clear route of bringing project to market in a reasonable timescale.
  • Terms and fees will apply. Maximum repayment term 5 years.

Funding Checklist:

Minimum investment: £500,000

No start-up funding

Must be trading for over 2 years and profitably

Advanced Manufacturing

Must be a UK-based SME

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