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A B-Corp registered company, Beryl is constantly striving to improve its sustainability and is currently the only UK-based micro-mobility provider that designs and develops its own technology and products. This removes the need for mass overseas transportation and vastly reduces the organisation’s carbon footprint.

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FDC Investment:

The UK’s leading micro-mobility firm, Beryl, secured a £2 million investment FDC’s AMSCIR to enable the development of a new manufacturing hub in Poole, Dorset, allowing Beryl to further enhance its status as the only micro-mobility provider that designs and builds its own technology. It will also allow the company to further contribute towards British industry by creating jobs, apprenticeships, and opportunities.

The new hub will allow further development of Beryl’s industry-leading e-bike/e-scooter connected technology. This provides each vehicle with a self-contained suite of onboard sensors to alert Beryl to the real-time status of the rider and the vehicle.

It will also allow Beryl to ensure its place at the forefront of industry development, providing greater capacity for research into the next generation of electric micro-mobility vehicles.

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