Cordwell Property

Specialist property developer receives £6.9 million to regenerate a derelict piece of land to bring it back to commercial use.

Regional Debt Fund Investment

Investment: £6.9 million

Investment deal Hands

Transaction: Property development

Regional Fund Sector

Sector: Commercial property

Regional Fund Location

Location: Walsall, WM

The Business

Cordwell Property Group is a successful UK property developer, operating throughout the UK, with an excellent reputation for developing quality of its leisure, retail, office and mixed use schemes.

The Deal

Cordwell Property Group secured £6.9m investment from the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) Collective Investment Fund (CIF), to regenerate a derelict piece of land in Walsall and bring it back into commercial use.

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Investment Director

Gerald Gannaway

For more information about this deal, connect and contact our Investment Director who headed up this deal.
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