Harry Needle Railroad Company

Investee biography:

HNRC was established in 1999 and provides rail engineering and support services to rail manufacturers and rail operating companies across their 3 sites all connected to the national rail network.

Deal Summary

Investment Director

FDC Investment:

HNRC secured £2 miliion from FDC’s AMSCIR to provide additional advanced rail engineering support services and develop greener locomotives with lower carbon emissions for its own fleet of locomotives and those of its customers.

HNRC will increase its capacity and capabilities by adding an engineering shed space, a paint shop, and railway lines across its sites in Worksop and Chesterfield. The expansion of its greener locomotives R&D program will lead to the modification of existing locomotives to become eco-friendly and sustainable by improving engine combustion, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing sustainable fuel use while remaining cost-effective.

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