PPS Equipment Holdings

Provider of returnable transit equipment services receives a £2.25m investment to support the company growth and help double its capacity through further automation.
Regional Debt Fund Investment

Investment: £2.25 million

Investment deal Hands

Transaction: Growth Capital / FDC DEbt Fund

Regional Fund Sector

Sector: Distribution

Regional Fund Location

Location: West midlands

The Business

Established in 2002, PPS, is a leading provider of reusable, returnable and recycled transit packaging such as trays, crates, pallets and boxes to the fish and meat processing sector, offering customers cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternatives to single-use packaging. Their returnable transit packaging solutions help to minimise waste and reduce carbon in customers’ operations, as well as drive further efficiencies across their supply chain.

The Deal

Staffordshire-based returnable transit packaging provider PPS Equipment Holdings received a £2.25million investment to support its continued growth. This backing will help PPS almost double its capacity through new machinery and investment into automation, also creating 24 jobs at its production facility in Uttoxeter. 

With more and more industries looking to push the ESG agenda forward, FDC aims to support these sustainable business practices that are delivering positive environmentally sustainable solutions to the industries they serve.

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