National Tooling Loan Fund

Supporting toolmakers and component manufacturers with the funding needed for tooling to complete new and confirmed projects.

Regional Debt Fund Investment

Investment: Up to £2m

Investment deal Hands

Transaction: Tooling

Regional Fund Location

Location: England

Regional Fund Sector

Sector: Any

The National Tooling Loan Fund is open to eligible manufacturing businesses working within any sector, not just automotive. With investment available from £50,000 to £2m, FDC supports existing businesses to design, develop and manufacture tooling required for new and confirmed orders.

Key Features

  • Delivering investment between £50,000 to £2m, designed to support toolmakers and component manufacturers ambitions.
  • Funding to contribute towards the design, development and creation of tooling or expanding tooling capacity.


  • A confirmed order for tooling is required that originates from an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), a tier 1 supplier or from further along the supply chain, with repayment of loan due upon satisfactory completion of tooling.
  • Difficulty securing the required level of investment from existing providers.
  • Final manufacture of the tooling and subsequent component must be in England.
  • Evidence of 2 years trading record and proven ability to complete similar projects.
  • Terms and fees will apply. Security will be required in the form of a debenture postponed to existing finance providers.
Information Pack


For more information about FDC funds available download our pack, or get in touch and we’ll answer your questions.