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Advisory networks

The alternative finance journey: How SMEs can utilise advisory networks to pinpoint the way


Debt, Equity, Mezzanine finance: Understanding the different investment routes


What is Tooling? Understanding what can be supported by the National Tooling Loan Fund


Navigating the funding landscape needn’t be a mapless journey​


What is debt funding?

Debt funding is a critical and often misunderstood funding need. For many SMEs and Property Developers it is the primary catalyst that enables growth and business expansion. In the UK there are several sources of debt investment, from traditional banks through to alternative debt lenders, like as FDC. 

For business owners looking to understand how to navigate the alternative funding landscape, learn more about what debt finance is and how it can support growth plans through partnerships with the right investor.

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Latest news:

Premier Commercial Business Park

Boost for Shropshire Business as Premier Commercial Business Park Gets Underway

Morris Property has been granted planning permission granted for highly sought-after commercial space in Shropshire
Berry Black Pudding Acquisition

FDC Backs Acquisition of Black Pudding Company

Frontier Development Capital provides backing to support the acquisition of award-winning producer of black puddings, The Berry Black Pudding Company
Telford site

£4.43m Investment to Transform Another Brownfield Site for Housing

Work is underway on a seven-acre plot in Telford to transform the vacant site into 36 new homes thanks to multi-million pound investment
Walsall Waste-to-energy plant

Ambitions to Heat Homes by Burning Rubbish at New Waste-to-Energy Plant

A new waste-to-energy plant set to be built following support from the WMCA has ambitions of heating homes in Walsall and will create up to 500 jobs

Funds available:

Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative recycled

AMSCI | Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative recycled - Debt Finance from £1m to support a project's costs and innovation
Eligibility criteria >>
Debt funding for expansion

FDC Debt Fund

The FDC Debt Fund provides flexible debt funding to established mid-market SMEs operating in the UK.
Eligibility criteria >>

Midlands Engine Investment Fund II

Midlands Engine Investment Fund II - Debt Finance for the West Midlands supports SMEs with debt from £100,000 to £2million for business growth
Eligibility criteria >>

National Tooling Loan Fund

Supporting component manufacturers with the tooling needed to complete new and confirmed projects. Investment loan up to £2 million.
Eligibility criteria >>

Regional Debt Fund

Our Regional Debt Fund provides access to flexible investments up to £2 million for West Midlands based SME businesses.
Eligibility criteria >>

WMCA Commercial Investment Fund

Accelerating site regeneration and supporting long term growth in the West Midlands with commercial development funding.
Eligibility criteria >>

WMCA Residential Investment Fund

Accelerating site regeneration and supporting long term growth in the West Midlands with residential development funding.
Eligibility criteria >>

What we do

Debt funding is essential for driving growth and expanding your business, yet it often remains a complex area for many SMEs and property developers. As a primary driver for development, understanding and accessing the right kind of debt finance is crucial. 

If you’re a business owner aiming to propel your company forward, it’s vital to connect with a funder that aligns with your vision and growth plans. At FDC, we recognise the pivotal role that decision-makers and management teams play in navigating financial solutions and offer range of tailored financing solutions to target your specific needs.

Debt funding for expansion